Development forum

We use Google Groups for Nuvola Player Development forum/mailing list. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

Code hosting and issue tracker

Nuvola Player uses Git version control system for its code base and GitHub for both code hosting and issue tracking. All official Git repositories are located under Tiliado organization account. The code-base is divided to three parts:

  1. Diorite library: Private utility and widget library for Nuvola Player project based on GLib, GIO and GTK.
  2. Nuvola Player 3: The Nuvola Player run-time without service integrations.
  3. Service integrations that have certain degree of independence and are maintained in separate repositories named nuvola-app-....


Nuvola Player 3 hasn't chosen any platform for translations yet.

How can I help

If you would like to contribute to Nuvola Player project development, there are two areas you can jump in.

Core development

Core development - development of the Nuvola Player run-time that loads web app integrations and interacts with the Linux desktop components. Skills: Vala, GTK+ 3, WebKitGtk+, GIT, JavaScript

Service Integrations

Service Integrations - service integration scripts that runs in the web interface and communicates with Nuvola Player run-time. Skills: JavaScript, DOM, HTML.