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Nuvola Player
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop

Rolling Releases are for Patrons

Rolling Releases are provided for patrons as a benefit for their support. You will need to enter credentials of your Tiliado account with active Nuvola Patron membership to access these builds.

Nuvola Player 3.1 was forked from release 3.0 on December 30, 2015 and many changes under the hood have been made and many new features & enhancements have been added since then.

About Nuvola Player

Nuvola Player is a runtime for web-based music streaming services providing more native user experience and integration with Linux desktop environments than usual web browsers can offer. It tries to feel and look like a native application as possible. However, it cannot overcome common drawbacks of web-based music streaming: some music streaming services require Flash plugin and web apps usually have higher memory usage than native apps.

What's New

Nuvola Player 3.1 is constantly evolving, to stay in touch

Milestone 3.1.1

The milestone 3.1.1 was released on October 2016.

New Features

Ability to both display and set track rating in Media Player Indicator GNOME Shell extension
Providing a streaming service supports it, Nuvola Player 3.1 exports track rating in MPRIS interface and a custom method to set rating of a track. Note that as of October 30th 2016, Player Indicator git master version is required.
HTTP Remote Control interface
This interface allows creation of client apps to control Nuvola Player over network via an socket.
Media Player Controller web page
This page is an example of a client using the HTTP Remote Control interface. It allows you to control Nuvola Player from any device with a web browser (e.g. a phone).
Nuvola Controller Pebble Watchapp
This app for Pebble watches is another example of a client using the HTTP Remote Control interface. It allows you to control Nuvola Player from your wrist.
Password Manager
With the Password Manager, you can store passwords from login forms in a secure keyring.


  • An option to always run in background regardless a song is playing or not. See in action in Unity or GNOME.
  • Better support of HTML5 Audio. It is sufficient for ownCloud Music web app but more work is still necessary to support Google Play Music. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#52
  • Pop-up windows are allowed to pop up a new window, which is required by the SoundCloud's log-in-via-Google feature. Issue: tiliado/nuvola-app-soundcloud#3
  • A hint how to edit or remove a keyboard shortcut. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#217
  • Users can disable media keys bindings in the Preferences dialog. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#237
  • Inter process communication backed has been rewritten.
  • All web app scripts have been ported to comply with the latest guidelines.
  • Packaging improvements: support of independent installation of individual scripts and correct package metadata (e.g. license and homepage).

Bug Fixes

  • Remove config option --with-appindicator as the AppIndicator integration is currently unmaintained. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#201, tiliado/nuvolaplayer#45
  • Add missing -a/--app-id command-line argument to the --help screen. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#147
  • MPRIS implementation of CanPlay and CanPause flags has been fixed. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#224
  • Warnings when Notifications is being disabled has been removed. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#227
  • Don't use notifications API if disabled as it produces critical warnings. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#227
  • Set GDK_BACKEND to x11 not to crash under Wayland. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#181
  • Disable compositing mode in WebKitGTK < 2.13.4 as it may crash some websites. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#245

News for Script Maintainers:

  • Web app integration template has been moved to its own repository.
  • Added information about Format Requirements Flags. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#158
  • Nuvola.VERSION property contains Nuvola version encoded as single integer, e.g. e.g. 30105 for 3.1.5.
  • Nuvola.API_VERSION property contains Nuvola API version encoded as single integer, e.g. e.g. 301 for 3.1.
  • Nuvola.WEBKITGTK_{VERSION,MAJOR,MINOR,MICRO} properties contain version information about WebKitGTK+ library.
  • Nuvola.LIBSOUP_{VERSION,MAJOR,MINOR,MICRO} properties contain version information about Soup library.
  • New API to set rating.
  • It is possible to set a user agent string via the user_agent field of metadata.json. Issue: tiliado/nuvolaplayer#91
  • It is possible to enable access to insecure content. This happens when a web page loaded over HTTPS protocol loads any content over HTTP protocol.
  • Developer documentation and guidelines have been updated.

Changes in Dependencies

  • Increased: WebKitGTK >= 2.6.2, Valac >= 0.26.1, GLib >= 2.42.1 and GTK+ >= 3.14.5.
  • New: libuuid and libnm-(util/glib)

Install Nuvola Player

Nuvola Player 3 project officially supports and provides packages for Ubuntu 15.04, 15.10, 16.04 and 16.10, Fedora 23-25 and Debian Jessie, Stretch and Sid. The Nuvola Player developer has tested installation and functionality in clean virtualized instances of these distributions and can assure reasonable user support in case of problems.

However, Nuvola Player should also work on other modern Linux distributions, but user experience might not be optimal (e.g. inconsistent look and behavior) and quality of user support depends on complexity of an issue.

Questions? Feedback?

Having trouble? We'd like to help! Search for information in the archives of the Nuvola Player Users mailing list, or post a question.