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Nuvola Player
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop

Nuvola Player 3 project officially supports and provides packages for Ubuntu 16.04-17.04, Fedora 24-25 and Debian Stretch and Sid. However, Nuvola Player should also work on other modern Linux distributions, but user experience might not be optimal (e.g. inconsistent look and behaviour) and quality of user support depends on complexity of an issue.

Nuvola Player 3 should work also on modern linux distributions which meet minimal requirements listed bellow, but hasn't been tested here by the developer and support may be limited for that reason. You can take a look at a list of unofficial packages provided by a community or build Nuvola Player from source.

Build Nuvola Player from Source

Get Source Code

You can download a release tarball or clone git repository.

Install Dependencies

Format Support Issues

Streaming services use following technologies for audio playback:

  • Adobe Flash - you will need a NPAPI based Flash plugin (not PAPI) - see Flash download page
  • HTML5 Audio with MP3 format - you will need a functional GStreamer stack with a MP3 decoder. I'd recommend to install modules gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-ugly and gst-plugins-bad.

Explore Features

Questions? Feedback?

Having trouble? We'd like to help! Search for information in the archives of the Nuvola Player Users mailing list, or post a question.