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Nuvola Player
Cloud music integration for your Linux desktop

Whenever you encounter a bug in Nuvola Player, don't hesitate to report it. First of all, it is necessary to submit your issue to the right place. Website

If you have trouble with with website ( domain), your Tiliado account and memberships, contact Tiliado support.

Tiliado Repositories

If you have trouble with Tiliado Repositories, Tiliado Repository Installer and installation of Nuvola Player from Tiliado Repositories, report your issue at Tiliado Repositories bug tracker.

Nuvola Player and Streaming Services

If you have any issue with the Nuvola Player application and supported streaming services,

  1. Check the List of Known Issues first.
  2. Take a brief look at Nuvola Player documentation as it might be helpful.
  3. Finally, follow the Bug Reporting Guidelines to create a new bug report.

Basic Nuvola Player support is free of charge, but is is limited by project funding. As a result, some more difficult and time consuming issues might be postponed, especially in case of desktop environments or Linux distributions that are not officially supported by Nuvola Player team. If you require a special care, you can apply for commercial support.

Questions? Feedback?

Having trouble? We'd like to help! Search for information in the archives of the Nuvola Player Users mailing list, or post a question.